Equipment for hire

Reliably generating power

Maintain a strong power supply at your unit base or location by hiring one of our generators. We supply units in varying sizes from 3.5-100KVA and with single and 3 phase outputs, enabling us to accommodate your needs. We can also supply long run fuel tanks to save time and money on regular refuelling.

Hydrogen powered light towers

We are very excited to supply Europe’s first hydrogen powered tower lights (LED) – These provide the same amount of light as traditional diesel powered lights but with numerous advantages. They are 100% emission free meaning they are not only perfect for reducing you’re productions environmental footprint savings (half a ton of CO2 saved per light, per week), but can also be used in any indoor space (power stations, factories, etc.) NO engine means no need for fuel deliveries and no wasted man hours. They are up to 50% cheaper to run and completely SILENT meaning a happy sound engineer, production and environmental department!

Professional makeup mirrors

When it comes to applying makeup to your cast, make sure your artists have the finest equipment. Our flight case makeup mirrors come with day lights that make it easy to replicate on-set conditions as well as USB sockets to meet any makeup artist needs.