Illuminate your set with LED tower lights in Uxbridge, Middlesex

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Whether you are filming a scene in the dead of night, or you need to illuminate a poorly lit area, get in touch with JB Locations Ltd. Based in Uxbridge, Middlesex, we hire LED tower lights that run solely on hydrogen. This means there is no need to fill them up with diesel, eliminating the risk of dangerous spillages. The lights are also completely silent and produce no emissions, helping you operate in an energy efficient manner.

Rental Periods and Delivery

To cater for the varied needs of our clients, we accommodate short-term and long-term rental periods, starting from just one day. Once you have placed your order, we will arrange a time that suits you for the lighting to be delivered to your set, studio, or filming location. As we operate 24-hour deliveries, we can have your generator, makeup mirrors, or tower lights on the way within just a few hours.

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